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Downloads: (Multi MS) DedicatedServer.exe TSE105 v1.2

(Multi MS) DedicatedServer.exe TSE105 v1.2

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Uploaded by [Rocketers] Alex - 24-10-2015
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Made to versions of games:
Serious Sam Classic The Second Encounter v1.05

In this version you can specify two additional master servers in the file of Scripts\MasterServer.ini.

The master server string is in the format:
MasterServerName:hostname or IP
MasterServerName = hostname or IP

MyMaster =

If Scripts\MasterServer.ini file does not exist it is created automatically and inserts string
for qtracker and openspy.

Binaries and source code in assembler is included.
You can compile a dedicated server by running the file make.bat or to use the existing file.

To install the new dedicated server just copy the file DedicatedServer.exe from the archive in
the Bin directory of the game.


  • (Multi MS) DedicatedServer.exe TSE105 v1.2


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