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Serious Tournament Mod (Ver 1.08B)

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Uploaded by Zeo - 27-01-2015
Author Author Troy, Zeo
File Size File Size 194.74 MB
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On 8th of March, 2016, the new 1.08B version of Serious Tournament Mod has been released !
A lot of crashes and freezes are fixed, it's much enjoyable now

First of all let me introduce all the developers of this mod !

  • Troy - developing, programming, mapping, designing, being a wizard
  • Zeo - making of 95 % bots waypoints, mapping, designing, PR

Other people who somehow helped us:

  • Fast Leo - helped to Troy with progamming and some ideas
  • VITEK - loading screen
  • Destroyer - Night Town map
  • H.a.r.o.n. aka #Rivenstyle - Midnight, Trayus Academy maps
  • Rakanishu - Cracks, Gvide maps
  • ZombieZI - Infinite Night, Temple maps
  • LevC - Beyond, Longest Yard Remake maps
  • Warped Team - Temple (CTF), Colizeum2250 & Storm maps
  • Marty - Blue Planet, Marble Wars maps
  • ILoveQuake - The Edge (Q2DM1), Deck16 maps
  • ShieldWolf - Arena Gate (Q3DM1) map
  • Speedmeister - Shotty Power, Shout-to-Shout, Night Temple, Level maps
  • Voodarius - The Footer Tomb map
  • Devostator - Ashes to Ashes, Brken Chevap maps
  • MailMan - Garden of Gibs map
  • Philer - DeDust 2 remake map
  • Dr. Dre - Shotty Complex map
  • Unknown author - Montezumas Revenge map

The main features of this modification:

  • Absolutely new and amazing bots from the master Troy which are not worse their "friends" from, let's say, Quake 3
  • 7 new game modes: Team DeathMatch, Last Hero, Team Last Hero, Capture The Flag, Domination, King Of The Hill и SkullHold ! Read below to learn more
  • 50 maps which were made for bots on different game modes, it contains almost all the standard SS: SE maps, also there are some new maps which were made specially for this mod; also you'll see some famous community maps, some HD maps, some from Revolution, Warped, Quake 2, Quake 3, UT and even CS 1.6 !
  • 26 in-game achievements. Kill you opponent for a few time in a row, make a midair frag or get the super armor when it respawned - you'll get achievement and you'll see it !
  • Useful options - you can disable or enable pupses, disable or enable pro-mode (when it's enabled there is no 200/200 supers and no cannon), enable "infinity blood" option and blood with meat won't fade away, use different weapon mutators to play Red Station with cannons only or turn Little Trouble to the Sniper Trouble, and so on !
  • Autoadding (by pressing "Y") or addition of any of number of bots for a certain team ("B" for blue team or "R" for read team): you can play as well as 4x4 or 1x6 - for adrenaline lovers !
  • Its own version of a freecam which activates by pressing "Space", other controls you can view by checking Controls\Observer\FreeCam.ctl file
  • And much else !

Game modes description:

  • Team Deathmatch - the classic mode as it is ! You play for Blue or Read team, you can leave your team and join another ("<" and ">" by default), you can play with teamfire or without it; available on the all deathmatch maps
  • Last Hero - almost the same as fragmatch, but you have ... only one life ! Yeah, if you die you lose, the one who's the only who stays alive, is a winner. Players have 150 % of HP by default. For a long game we recommend to play or easy or even tourist diff, but if you're andrenaline lover you must try hard or serious ! Available on all deathmatch maps
  • Team Last Hero - the same thing and Last Hero, but there are two teams just as in TDM mode. By the way, try to play on serious diff alone vs 6-8 bots to feel all the hardcorness ! Play accurate & stay alive
  • Capture The Flag - one more classic online FPS's mode which is lovely by people. Available on 12 special maps, some of them you've never seen before
  • SkullHold (ex-OddBall from 1.05 alpha version) - an all-vs-all mode where you should hold an object (Skull) for longer time than others ! The one who first holded the skull for 5 mins (as default - changable in match options) is a winner. This mode is available to play on all deathmatch maps and on one exclusive for this mode map
  • King Of The Hill - an all-vs-all mode where you should control different zones ("hills") which are changing from the first to the next, then to the 3rd and so on. The one who controlled zones for 5 mins (as default - changable in match options) is a winner. This mode is available to play on some deathmatch maps and on some new
  • Domination - pretty close to KOTH mode, but this mode is based on teamplaying. There are few zones, two teams and 300 points limit. Every team starts with 150 points. The team which is controlling more zones is getting points (while other team is losing it), the first team which gets 300 points, wins ! This mode is available to play on some deathmatch maps and a few excluive maps

For stable fps whilst playing with bots it's recommended to play on at least such a configuration as:

  • 2-cored CPU from Intel (Pentium, Core 2 Duo or Intel Core i3) or similar from AMD, not lower than 2 GHz
  • 2 Gb of RAM
  • The clean game Serious Sam: The Second Encounter - 1.07 version (steam version is ok)
  • The mode is guaranteed to work on Windows XP, Windows Vista, Windows 7 & Windows 8

Some features and recommendations. READ MUST !!!

  • There are no options like number of spawned bots for maps, so you have to add them manually by pressing "Y". In team game modes every time when you press "Y", one bot will be added to red team and then to blue to keep balance, but you can add bots to red team by pressing "R" or to blue by pressing "B". You can change your team by pressing "Z" or "X". You can watch scoreboard by pressing "Tab"
  • Remember when you enable infinity blood it also can be a reason of low fps (closer to the end of match) on some really huge maps, so be careful with it
  • Bots always move randomly in recorded demos so there's no sense to record it whilst playing with them
  • Freezes (or crashes) still can happen rarely, and some maps can't support high fps with a huge amount of bots because they couldn't be optimized well. The most unoptimized maps are DM Beyond, CTF Frozen Cliff and CTF Night Town
  • Don't except to see top players skill from bots, it was made for competive but fun playing. Though, for a newbies it will be really hard or even impossible to beat them !
  • You still CAN'T play with bots & players at the same time because it's impossible to do without published original source code
  • King of The Hill game mode doesn't work in network
  • Weapon is not visible in the 1st person view mode. Use 3rd person mode if you have problems with that. Already fixed for the next patch !

1.08B version features


- Fixed a huge number of crashes and freezes
- Fixed crashes with weapon mutators which were happening almost instanly
- Multiplayer (without bots) is pretty stable (in all modes except King of The Hill)

- Fixed memory leak
- Improved bots movement in the water
- Fixed CTF confusion with notification of any team wearing enemies flag
- Fixed bots movements, they are more accurate in maps like Fortress now (don't fall in the lava as much as before)
- Player has the selected weapon in weapon mutators from the start
- Camera (freecam) has been improved, mouse wheel can now change the speed of flying
- Fixed freecam bug when bots used sniper scope
- Minor changes and bug fixed in the HUD
- In the CTF, after delivering the flag bot immediately runs on (doesn't get sticked to the flag place)
- Bots don't shot anymore with explosive weapons through a "lattice"
- Fixed a problem with awards pop-upping in the next match
- Bots don't attack enemies with invulnerability anymore
- Bots don't chat anymore (for the sake of stability)
- Items "value" has been deleted from the CTF mode
- Bots don't try to use minigun whilst having no ammo anymore
- Award of "exact hit" cannot be done on the corpses anymore

Innovations and changes:

- Bots don't camp anymore whilst running with a flag
- Bots will no longer shoot with the cannon being close to the wall
- In the SkullHold bots care of catching the skull more than earlier
- In Bin/AI/Profiles/Name.ainame file is now possible to add and / or remove tags of the bots, Skins.aiskins file contains lists of skins which bots wear (using the sane name as in .amc files)
- Bots pick weapons from dead enemies much more often
- Bots now can see the enemies with invisibility if they shooting, having another pup or wearing the flag
- Sniper gun improved - without using scope it's still accurate and does the same damage

New maps:

- CTF Frozen Cliff
- CTF Lefty
- CTF Storm

- DM Blue Planet
- DM Cracks
- DM Deck16
- DM Marble Wars
- DM The Edge (Q2DM1)
- DM The Footer Tomb

- DOM Futuristic Trouble
- DOM / KOTH LongestYardRebirth (Q3DM17)

Modification must be installed to the Mods folder, if you have an old version installed delete it to have a clean install
Modification packed as .rar archive, the new installer ain't planned for now


  • Serious Tournament Mod (Ver 1.08B)
  • Serious Tournament Mod (Ver 1.08B)
  • Serious Tournament Mod (Ver 1.08B)
  • Serious Tournament Mod (Ver 1.08B)
  • Serious Tournament Mod (Ver 1.08B)
  • Serious Tournament Mod (Ver 1.08B)
  • Serious Tournament Mod (Ver 1.08B)
  • Serious Tournament Mod (Ver 1.08B)
  • Serious Tournament Mod (Ver 1.08B)


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